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The most common pest plague that home & office owners face is ant. Controlling this invasion is almost impossible but for Macro Pest Control wiping out this problem is effortless with their highly efficient & effective treatment called ant control. Melbourne’s leading pest control service provider is Macro Pest Control.

Macro Pest Control is a trustworthy name all over Melbourne & other cities in Australia when it comes to pest control services. So if you are looking for the best ant control in Melbourne to get rid of ants’ infestation in your home or office get in touch with us.

Professional ant control Melbourne

Ants leave a trail for other ants to follow; this simply means that more ants are going to enter your home before you can act on it. This trail can only be erased by concentrated chemical substances that our experts use. Ants live in complicated spaces, making it very tough to eradicate them.

What begins with a few ants entering your home can become a major issue of concern in no time. These ants set up colonies, grow rapidly and attract other pests wherever they go. Hence it is very important to occasionally avail a professional ant control in Melbourne.

Hazards ants bring into your home

Ants might look tiny but they bring in loads of risks when they enter your home. These risks can only be averted by ant control, Melbourne.

  • Create unnecessary mess in your homes
  • Attracts other pests like wasps, bugs, bedbugs, cockroaches and even lizards.
  • Bring in leftover trash that contains germs, bacteria & other contaminants. This can lead to an outbreak of dangerous diseases.
  • Damage delicate upholstery in your home, paint on walls.
  • Damages plants in your garden and inside the home by farming aphids
  • Create cracks in walls & floorings.
  • Create an unhealthy impression on guests & friends.

Reasons why ants appear

Ants are social creatures and are always seen in packs. If you notice a few ants in your home they are likely to be part of a big ant colony settled somewhere in the house itself. According to our experts at Macro Pest Control there can be multiple reasons for ants to appear, these are some to name a few:

  • Food packets left open
  • Poor sanitation in the house or office
  • Leaving dirty dishes with leftover food in the sink
  • Food particles/crumbs on the floor left unattended
  • Trash not thrown away
  • Moist spaces in the house can also attract ants

In order to restrict ants from settling in and attracting a bunch of other pests in your home or office taking certain precautions is a must. And timely sanitation can be an effective way to do that.

Types of ants

There are more than 12000 ant species that exist on this planet depending upon the size, shape, color, food they survive on and growth conditions. Some of the commonly found ants in Melbourne are:

  • Acrobat ant
  • Argentine ant
  • Ghost ant
  • Field ant
  • Little black ant
  • Harvester ant
  • Moisture ant
  • Big headed ant
  • Odorous ant
  • Thief ant
  • Carpenter ant

How we exterminate ants from your space

Our trained technician’s custom-made ant control procedure makes it easy for them to shut down ants before they invade.

Exploration- Our team at Macro Pest Control properly explores all the affected spaces by carefully following the ant trail. This helps in hunting ant colonies. This also helps find out where exactly the ants go to find food.

Extermination & crack sealing- once they find out the affected area, it is then carefully treated with resilient solutions to eradicate ants and get rid of their colonies. Once the ants are dead the area is properly cleaned and cracks created by ants are sealed properly

Prevention– furthermore to prevent ants from reappearing all possible entry spaces are cleaned & sanitized during the ant control, Melbourne. And the affected areas are sprayed with anti-pest solutions to prevent ants from settling.

Final check- a final inspection is conducted by the team to ensure customer satisfaction. They also guide you on post treatment care.

Even though the ant control in Melbourne is full proof, it is advisable to avail the treatment from time to time for better results.

Interesting facts about ants you should know

  • Ants leave a chemical trail named ‘pheromone’ for other ants to follow.
  • They have satellite colonies, maybe in your neighborhood or somewhere near your house. So killing ants only in your home is not enough.
  • Queen ant can lay up to 800 eggs in a day
  • Ants live for a long time, more than a decade in fact.
  • Ants farm aphids which destroy your plants.
  • There are more than 12000 types of ants
  • Red fire ant injects venom while biting which can even cause death

Providing you with a safe, healthy & peaceful household is the sole aim of our pest control services. With our dedicated team & exotic ant control in Melbourne we aim to serve you to our best potential. To know more about Macro Pest Control’s services ping us at 0370317506

Why Macro Pest Control is the best pick for ant control Melbourne

  • Latest technology is used in the ant control treatment to ensure 100% results
  • Only eco-friendly chemical solutions are used to protect the infested spaces from being damaged
  • Qualified & certified trainers are sent to perform the task; they go through a background check as well.
  • Prompt & dynamic services with unmatched results guaranteed
  • Emergency services and same day ant control services are also provided for your convenience. We serve on weekends & public holidays as well.
  • We provide the most affordable ant control in Melbourne.


How often should I avail ant control in my house?

Usually we advise to get ant control annually; but it might differ depending upon the level of infestation.

How long does it take to get rid of ants completely?

It takes up to 40-48 hours to trace and eradicate them completely. But for the treatment to show effects it can take up to a week

Can your treatment be done in my kitchen?

Yes. Our ant control Melbourne can be performed anywhere in & outside your home. We use organic & chemically safe solutions for your safety.

What is the cost of the treatment?

The cost may differ as per the level of infestation; damage caused and also affected area. We at Macro Pest Control provide the most affordable services in Melbourne

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