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Pest infestation is a common concern for both home & office owners these days. Pest creates an unhygienic & uncomfortable work environment & can only be dealt with by availing professional commercial pest control. Melbourne’s busy work life can be made more relaxing & easy by Macro Pest Control’s dynamic pest control services.

Commercial pest control in Melbourne is pivotal because what starts with a few insects entering your home/office ends up becoming a major outbreak in no time. And before you know the majority of the damage is already done. In order to prevent pests from ruining your workplace Macro Pest Control is the best pick. We serve complete protection from pests to both residential & commercial office owners.

Why does your office need pest control?

Offices are at equal risk to be infested by pests of all kinds. May it be termites or cockroaches or ants they can potentially cause a lot of damage before you even notice their existence. Often attracted due to leftover food particles, poor sanitation or unattended moisture these pests should be eradicated completely in order to ensure a healthy working environment.

They grow at alarming rate and should be prevented by availing commercial pest control Melbourne because:

  • Pests like rodents eat away paperwork, wires and other materials. Pest control can protect your important office material from being completely damaged.
  • Cockroaches, ants & other pests can spread diseases like malaria, eczema, flu, skin allergies & even dengue. Moreover their sting can be painful & dangerous too, so in order to reduce health risks pest control is necessary.
  • Pests can damage floorings by creating cracks in it. So to protect the foundation of your office opt for commercial pest control Melbourne
  • The leftover food and eggs these pests lay can develop an unpleasant foul odor which can be eliminated with Macro Pest Control’s effective pest control treatment.
  • Pest control also ensures a peaceful & hygienically safe atmosphere at the workplace, which can improve work performances of your employees.
  • Pest control keeps the office clean & tidy thus helping you protect your brand image in front of your clients & visitors.

Line of attack at Macro Pest Control

Our skilled technicians customize the process of commercial pest control in Melbourne according to the needs of customers, the extent of damage and the level of infestation. But the general process is:

Monitor– The team monitors the affected area & all possible entrances for the pest to come up with a plan of action.

Preparation– The team carefully instructs the office owner/ care taker or concerned authority on what preparation is to be done before the treatment. The office is vacated if necessary.

Treatment– The affected space is sprayed with pesticides/ chemical splashes to kill all the existing pests & germs. Sometimes they use a blend of various chemicals to get rid of stubborn pests.

Prevention– Now the space is cleaned, cracks are sealed and the entire office is sprayed with anti-pest spray to prevent pests from reappearing.

Guidance– Macro Pest Control’s team guides the concerned authorities on how to take care of the space in order for the pest control effect to last long and to prevent pests in future.

Who do we serve commercial pest control?

Melbourne is a huge city and has many commercial outlets. We have been serving an elite clientele for the past few years with versatile pest control solutions. We offer our services to:

  • Offices/ IT sector offices
  • Factories & Warehouses
  • Hospitals
  • Retail outlets
  • Supermarkets & hypermarkets
  • Construction sites
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels/Motels
  • Shopping malls
  • Schools/libraries
  • Food processing plants
  • Transport & logistics
  • Airports

What do we serve?

At Macro Pest Control we provide a wide range of pest control for both homes and offices to help you deal with the problem. Our team executes the services rapidly & efficiently on both pre and post constructions as per your convenience.

We serve:

  • Rodent control
  • Termite/ wood borer control
  • Ant control
  • Fly control
  • Wasp control
  • Mosquito control
  • Bedbug treatment
  • Bird netting & Complete commercial pest control.

Melbourne’s most trustworthy name when it comes to pest control is Macro Pest Control. We are armed with powerful & time tested tactics backed by unmatched & long lasting results. To avail our pest control services call us at 0370317506.

Why choose us?

Organic solutions- Our team uses organic & eco-friendly sprays & solutions to ensure that complete pest prevention is done without causing any harm to your property, belonging or to the environment.

Availability- Macro Pest Control’s proficient team is always available to serve you. We provide emergency & same day services to all suburbs & for all types of pest control. We take bookings for weekends & public holidays as well.

Affordability- we aim to provide you the best commercial pest control in Melbourne at the most reasonable & pocket friendly rates. Similarly we don’t impose extra hidden charges pre or post treatment.

Certified technicians- the technicians we send your home are skilled, well trained and certified to do the job. Moreover they also go through background checks for your safety.

Quality tools- The tools & equipment used in the process are updated as per industry standards to render pest control to our best potential.

Reliable service- Our dedicated team aims to give you a healthy peats free workspace. Our clients so far have been delivered with effective & reliable services.

Convenience- we provide hassle free commercial pest control in Melbourne as per your convenience. We serve promptly to help you save your time & energy.


Will pests vanish right away after the treatment?

It takes time for the gel to exterminate all the pests. Mostly in two – three weeks all pests disappear. In case you notice pest infestation after the treatment, get in touch with us immediately. Our team makes sure that they leave long lasting effect of commercial pest control Melbourne

What if I accidently touch the treated area?

Do not worry if you accidently touch the area. The chemical solutions & sprays used are non-toxic and organic and they get absorbed immediately after application.

Do you provide a pre-purchase inspection for offices?

Yes, our commercial pest control in Melbourne also includes pre-purchase inspection of partially constructed home & office buildings as well. We aim to serve you all round pest protection in Melbourne.

Do we need to vacate the office?

There is no specific need of vacating the space especially if the affected area is very small. But in extreme situations our team instructs to evacuate the space prior to treatment.

Do we need to avail pest control again & again?

Yes, apart from proper sanitation, regular cleaning and proper ventilation; timely pest control is necessary to prevent pests from settling in your offices.

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