Flea Control Melbourne

Flea Control Melbourne

Fleas are not similar to other insects or pests. Instead of living on humans, they reside on different pets like cats and dogs. They are flightless insects as they can’t jump high. Vibrations help the fleas to recognise their targets. Thriving fleas at your home can be troublesome, so control them by taking assistance from Macro Pest Control. We are trustworthy provider of flea control Melbourne treatment and offer relief from the pests at low prices.

Fleas don’t bite but crawl on the pet’s skin. It hampers the comfort of the animals and they become vulnerable to skin problems. When you see that the pets are scratching their skin too much, flea infestation can be a reason behind it. Flea control treatment becomes essential for the health of the pets.

Possible Problems Cause through Flea Invasion

Pets are part of family and they deserve care and attention. Fleas sometimes get transferred on them from the stray dogs on the streets or their furry friends in the neighbourhood. It is actually painful for the pets to deal with fleas. If a flea suddenly bites a human, then the swelling and breathing difficulty can occur.

Pet owners should always pay attention to skin and hair cleaning of the pets. Fleas possess the capability to induce a disease known as Flea Allergic Dermatitis. Skin becomes itchy and pets become upset by this. Bumps are formed due to scratching and even hair starts to fall. No one wants to see the pet in such condition. So, get this problem treated as fast as you can with Flea Control Melbourne solution.

Cats suffer from anaemia while humans get infection from flea-infested rats in the house. It can be said that fleas not only create problems for pets, but for humans as well.

Two Major Types of Fleas

Cat Fleas: These small insects feed on the blood of cats and reside in their fur. They don’t have wings, but jump with the help of tiny legs.

Dog Fleas: This type of flea lives inside the fur of dogs. Their colour changes from brown to reddish after drinking the pet’s blood. Sometimes, these bugs also bite humans as well.

How to Identify Flea Bite?

Human feel a little itchiness and discomfort while pets experience torture when a flea bites them. Size of flea bite is smaller as compared to other insects and the bitten area turns red in colour. If you suddenly notice that the pet is continuously scratching the skin to get relief from the itchiness, then consider it as a sign of flea bite. You can quickly contact Macro Pest Control for help. The flea control Melbourne team will reach the destination and kill the fleas easily.

Professional Flea Control Treatment

Pets are our responsibility and looking after their well-being is important. If they suffer from flea infestation, then you must contact us on time to prevent further damage to the health. We have all the tools and equipment that are imperative to remove the fleas from the fur of the animals. After the removal of fleas from fur, complete area is sprayed with insecticides. The chemicals are non-toxic and safe for health.

Being expert in flea control, the specialists also suggest many ways to prevent the fleas after the treatment is done. We will not take much time or create mess in the residence. Complete procedure will be finished as soon as possible without causing inconvenience to you.

Make sure that you take the flea control Melbourne before it’s too late because the pets will have to suffer for a longer time, if the fleas continue to feed on them. Macro Pest Control is trusted by many pet owners because we have effectively resolved the pest problem with perfection.

Tips to Prevent Fleas

  • Keep the carpets and rooms clean by using vacuum cleaners. Fleas can crawl from anywhere so, clean them before they come on your pet’s body.
  • Fur and skin of the pets must be cleaned properly. Consult a vet and get medicines to treat infections caused by fleas.
  • After cleaning the room with vacuum cleaner, the bag filled with dirt must be thrown away from home. This ensures that fleas trapped in the vacuum bag don’t come back into the house.
  • Grooming and regular trimming of pet’s hair is vital to prevent the fleas from residing in them.
  • Apple cider vinegar is one of the home remedies that instantly affect the fleas. They jump out of the fur after coming in contact with this solution.
  • Diatomaceous Earth also destroys the fleas. It dehydrates their body and is considered as a nice non-chemical flea control Melbourne treatment.

Why to Opt Macro Pest Control?

  • We have carved out a special place for ourselves by providing exceptional quality pest control service. Advantages of selecting us:
  • Pest control treatment is done at relatively affordable prices.
  • The chemicals used to kill the fleas are safe for the air.
  • Quick service is offered by our professionals.
  • Emergency services are also offered by our company.
  • Team utilises the relevant tools and techniques for flea removal treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions about Flea Control Melbourne

Is the flea control service expensive?

No. We charge reasonable prices for the high-class service.

Will the insecticides make the air toxic?

You just need to maintain a distance for a few hours from the place and then the impact will be reduced.

How can I book the flea control service?

It is not a complicated process. You just need the form on the website and send it to Macro Pest Control. Our team will get back to you. Also, you can call us on the number mentioned on this website.

Fleas can harm the health of both pets and humans. So, it is always advisable to hire professionals to control the spread and kill the fleas in order to avoid further repercussions. Book Flea Control service from us and make the pets happy again!

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