Spider Control Melbourne

Spider Control Melbourne

We at Macro Pest Control protect your household and pets from dangerous pests such as spiders, cockroaches, red ants, lizards etc. that pop out of nowhere in homes every time the season changes. Our pest control and spider control treatments provided to Melbourne homes are highly effective in eliminating the annoying pests from your home. The pest control products used are of high quality, certified and authorised for residential apartments and properties in Australia. Our pest control specialists are trained meticulously by us and they carry out all pest control activities in conformance with guidelines laid down by Australian authorities with regards to pest control. The pest control specialists that deliver pest control extermination are fully certified, licenced and insured technicians.

Our spider control treatments for Melbourne homes and commercial properties are designed to kill spiders instantly with a spray. The spray is applied onto surfaces the spiders frequent and the spiders are immediately killed when they come into contact with the treated surface. It is humanely impossible to eliminate all pests and spiders in a single pest control session. However our treatments will eliminate the hideouts and cobwebs thus limiting the chances of future infestations and providing lasting results.

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Below are the Common Signs of Spider Infestation at Your Home or Commercial Property.

Check Spider Webs

The cobwebs they make are the most noticeable and common signs that a spider infestation has started inside your house. Even if you see one cobweb, there are chances that there would be multiple more made by the spiders in different locations in your house! Unclean and closed spaces in the house, attics and dark places in unopened rooms that have a lot of dust and dirt, dirty windows are a very common place where cobwebs grow. If you keep seeing spider webs even after cleaning one, you need to contact Macro Pest Control as that is a sign of more and more spiders.

Check Spider Activity

You need to regularly check the garage, closets, vaults, attics, storage rooms, storage boxes, and other places of your property for finding the presence of spiders. Certain spiders are also found in dim and damp places and they do not make any cobwebs. You can check your sewage system, pipes and bathrooms for spiders of these varieties. Some spider varieties do not make the usual cobwebs, but they make muddled dens to trap their prey.

Check the Existence of Smaller Insects

Spiders thrive on smaller bugs, insects, ants, flies etc. So checking for the presence of these insects is a sure-fire sign of the existence of spiders as spiders eat these smaller pests. If you find any of the smaller bugs and insects then there are chances that there is habitation of spiders over there too.

Check the garden

If you have a garden in your property, then spiders are on the prowl too! Check for these insects in the shrubs and smaller trees in your garden. They also make burrows inside the land and occupy them.

Why Choose Us?

Macro Pest Control caters to pest control for elimination of various insects. Our pest control specialists specialize in spider control, pest control, ant control, termite control, cockroach control in Melbourne homes. Hence, hire our pest control specialists for your spider control issues in Melbourne.

  • We assure 100% customer satisfaction and guaranteed quality pest control services.
  • We only use safe and highly effective cleaning techniques and procedures to control pests and keeping them from coming back.
  • We provide the safest and most reliable Spider control service in Melbourne.
  • Our cleaning products are do not cause any harm to pets, pregnant women, and infants
  • We provide flexible booking options and are pest control teams function 24/7. Same day services are also available on the same day.

How to Protect Your Property from Spider Infestation

Spider infestation in your property can be challenging for the wellbeing of your family members and the hygiene too. A spider invasion can also attract other species of hazardous spiders who prey on smaller spiders. So it is better to follow certain steps to ensure there is no spider infestation in your house

Check Your Property

Most common spiders are harmless and you do not have to remove them. If there is a colony of spider webs which means there are many spiders in and around the property. Call Macro Pest Control if you suspect there are big or venomous spiders anywhere around.

Follow Routine Cleaning

Make sure to follow regular cleaning of your nooks and corners in your homes. Make sure to use vacuum cleaners with elastic hoses and suction out webs from the walls. Try and air the items you use and the ones that have been stored every once in a while.

Keep The Unused Spaces in Your House Clean

Make sure to clean closed and dark spaces in your home every once in a while. You also need to focus on the upkeep of your gardens by keeping the lawns clean and unlettered.


How effective is vinegar for spider control?

Yes, you can bottle vinegar and water in equal proportions in a spray bottle. Spraying it on the infested places wherever you see them can be helpful.

What are the common species of spiders native to Australia?

Daddy Long Legs Spider, Funnel Web Spider, Garden Orb-Weaving Spider, Bird-dropping spider, Magnificent Spider etc. are few common species of spider spotted in Australia.

How are spiders found in your house harmful?

Common house spiders have dangerous allergens and germs which can spread infections in human beings when they are instigated and when they bite in rare instances.

How long do spider pest control treatments in Melbourne last?

It all depends on the weather conditions, the efficiency of the pest control specialist in applying the products, the interference of the residents in the house with respect to the treated surfaces, etc. However, the spider pest control we would do is expected to last for 6 months.

What preparation do I need to do for Spider Control Melbourne?

The set of instructions are made available to you once you book an appointment with Macro Pest Control.

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