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Effective Termite Control in Melbourne

If you find a termite infestation in your home or office, you must act quickly. These little termites will destroy your furniture and bring you huge losses. Termites are classified as taxonomic cockroaches mainly found on wooden furniture. Macro Pest Control provides the best termite control in Melbourne. We provide comprehensive solutions for pests. So, get in touch with us for excellent services of termite control in Melbourne.

Why Hire Us for Termite Treatment in Melbourne?

We provide reliable services for pest control, inspection, protection and termite treatment in Melbourne. Our experts are good at controlling all types of pests throughout Melbourne. For many years, we have been leading the pest control industry.

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How to Detect Termite Infestation?

Termites of different types have different habits and they may pose different hazards to your property. Check out the signs you can look for termite infestation:


If the silent clicking of termites is coming from your wall then this is a sign of termites. When the termite colony is disturbed, soldier termites will hit the wood with their heads or shake their bodies to indicate a threat to other termites. Worker ants noisily eat wood products. If you bring your ears close to the wood where the termites are infested, you can hear them chewing.

Wooden tunnels

Wooden tunnels are usually made of termite mud or dung, this is one of the key points to identify termites. The mud tunnel provides shelter and protection for termites, so they can easily move from one place to another without being visible.

Sounds like paper or hollow wood

When you hit an area damaged by termites, it sounds like hollow or paper. This is because the wood inside has been eaten and damaged or hollow.

Even if you are confused about these signs and do not know if there are termites at your place or not then you can call us for inspection services. We at Macro Pest Control provide pest inspection services for such situations. So, connect with us and book our services now.

Types of Termites

Drywood Termites – These types of termites live in small colonies inside furniture. Drywood termites can damage both hardwood and softwood.

Subterranean Termites – Subterranean termites eat dead wood in contact with the ground. They are one of the most common destructive termites.

Wet Wood Termites – As the name suggests, Wet Wood Termites appear in places with high moisture, dampness and wood decay.

Flying termites – Flying termites are also called colonies or winged termites. Due to a lack of sufficient food, they leave the nest and establish a new colony in their home. The flying termite lost its wings after finding a mate.

Formosan Termites – These termites first build nests in the ground and begin to eat wood components.

No matter what type of termite is annoying you, we are always here to make your place more hygienic. With our best tools and pest control techniques, we rescue your furniture and wood from these termites. Get in touch with us now and book our hassle-free termite treatment services. You can also call us for termite protection in Melbourne.

Benefits of Termite Pest Control Services

The hazards of termites are more serious than those caused by storms and fires. If the termite colony attacks any items made of wood in your home, such as furniture, walls, drawers, display shelves and so on then these items are likely to be damaged. Ultimately, this will lead to money loss. Home insurance rarely covers damages related to termites. Termites can also cause various diseases. Because of this, they pose a constant risk to the health of family members, especially children who move around frequently. They make your home environment unhygienic. Termites also attack trees (mainly crops) during the dry season. This leads to losses for farmers. Therefore, you need to get rid of termites as soon as possible. Here are some benefits of professional termite treatment services:

By hiring professionals to get rid of termites, you will save your furniture from damage further and save a huge amount on furniture replacement.

You will be able to live in your place without the constant fear of termites.

Your place will be clean and hygienic without the presence of soil tunnels made by termites.

In short, you will save money and your health at the same time.

So, what are you waiting for? Do not neglect termites at your place. Contact us now and be ready to see your place completely hygienic without these tiny pests. Termites are hidden workers and it’s tough to track them but our termite pest control experts are trained and experienced in inspecting and treating termites instantly without any hassle.


Do termites damage wooden furniture?

Yes. Termites are wood-eaters. They feed themselves on hardwood and softwood. If not taken care of, they can destroy your precious and expensive wooden furniture.

Are flying ants and termites the same?

No. These two are different species. Ants do not feed themselves on wood and termites do. Also, termites are in a lighter colour than ants.

What are white ants?

White ant is a different name for termites.

What should I do next after identifying termite infestation at my place?

You should connect with us for the best termite control in Melbourne. We at Macro Pest Control provide excellent termite treatment services. Get in touch with us immediately to save your furniture and health from termites.

Can I remove termite tunnels at home?

One must not disturb the termites. This may lead to an attack. A better way is to contact professionals for termite pest control. Spraying on termites will lead to scaring them. They may hide and overall termite treatment will be tough to conduct.

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