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Home is where the heart is. We consider our home as a safe refuge to unwind after a long hard day. But what if this safe refuge is attacked by wasps; the environment in & around the house becomes unsafe for you & your loved ones. But with Macro Pest Control excellent wasp control in Melbourne getting rid of wasps is no big deal.

Wasp is an insect species that is around 1-1.5 inch in size varies from black, green or red in color. Has two wings and is known for causing painful stings. In order to protect your family from the hazards that wasps cause it is important to opt for wasp control. Melbourne is an expensive city to live in but Macro Pest Control’s wasp removal services are a steal.

Why wasp extermination important?

Wasps can potentially ruin your outdoor activities. They don’t go out of their way to sting but if threatened they can cause hazards. They are known for painful stings; in fact in extreme cases their stings can even cause death. Especially people with wasp venom or other allergies are likely to be at risk. It is very crucial to avail professional wasp control Melbourne in order to avoid the following risks:

  • Wasps are sensitive to noise & action so even slightest noise can be alarming to them. Even the least of your actions can make them attack you; hence they are not one in the friendly insects’ category.
  • Anyone who passes the nets can be attacked by wasps as they are way more active than bees. This again makes wasp control in Melbourne very significant.
  • The sting of wasps is extremely painful and can lead to swelling, redness, allergies, bumps; which should be taken care of without ado & by doctors only.
  • Wasps are a potential threat especially to children, senior citizens or even pets in the house as they attack in packs.

How did you get wasp?

  • While availing timely wasp control in Melbourne is decisive; another equally important step is to find out what caused wasps to live in or around your house. There can be a ton of reasons for wasp to build a nest & settle in your house namely:
  • Uncovered garbage cans
  • Soffits & gutters in the exterior part of your home
  • Gardening flower plants attract wasp
  • Outdoor eating, food crumbs, unattended food spill can also attract wasp
  • Existing insects like spiders & ants provide plenty of prey for matured wasps.

Regular sanitization & wasp control in Melbourne are potential methods of reducing the number of spaces suitable for wasp growth & survival.

Common places where wasps are likely to build a nest

Wasps are tiny creatures and hence can easily build a nest in almost any part of your home. Some most common places where they build nest are:

  • Above the entrance door of your house; this space is most often overlooked while routine cleaning.
  • Inside your home or building; they look for void spaces, somewhere out of your reach.
  • They can also build mud daubers in your garden area, causing serious trouble to kids playing outdoors.

Types of wasp

There are a myriad types of wasp species found in Melbourne depending upon the size, color, food they consume, condition they survive in and also where & which type of nest they build. Different types of wasps our team at Macro Pest Control has dealt with include:

  • Common wasp
  • European wasp
  • Yellow jackets wasp
  • Native paper wasp
  • Sand wasp
  • Mud nesting wasp
  • Tree brown wasp
  • White faced brown paper wasp

Types of nest wasps build

Wasp builds nests and it can literally be anywhere; not just extermination but wasp prevention is also important. Our processes of wasp control in Melbourne can help get rid of wasp nests as well. There are different types of nests these wasp’s build to live in depending upon the environment & type of wasp that has build it; they are:

Ground nest- These nests are created in the ground by ground digging wasps. Such nests are easily found in residential & commercial areas.

Paper nest- These are the most common ones found in Melbourne. Built by European wasp and are usually seen near canals of homes & business or on trees in the garden Area.

Mud daubers- these are created by wasps using mud. They may be less of a danger but cause mess and odor in the surrounding. Also it is very difficult to be cleaned and hence require professional wasp control, Melbourne.

Our process of wasp control

Melbourne is considered as Australia’s most livable city and we aim to keep it that way. With our unique customized wasp control procedure we can eradicate wasp from your home in a mess-free & well-organized manner. Or process is as follows:

Inspection- Our skilled team conducts a complete assessment of the affected area. The extent of infestation, different affected spaces & reasons for wasp growth are noted in order to come up with a plan of action.

Action plan- Once the team understands the background of the issue they decide what treatment is required in the extermination process. At this stage they determine what chemical sprays & tools should be involved in the process of wasp control. Melbourne’s best tools, equipment & technicians are engaged in the practice.

Extermination- A combination of bug sprays, chemical substance splashes & other preventive solutions are used in the extermination depending upon the level of infestation. We at Macro Pest Control intend to keep you safe and hence use organic & quality substances in the process.

Final check- our team checks the affected space & also does a revisit for the same to ensure complete eradication of wasps. Also we provide our customers with effective guidelines in order to prevent wasps from settling in your home or office premises.

We at Macro Pest Control believe that a healthy home is your topmost priority and our team dedicatedly strives to provide you with the same. To avail our wasp extermination services call us at xxxxxxxx

Why us?

  • Macro Pest Control will put your wasp problems behind you with our hassle free & proficient wasp control in Melbourne.  We offer:
  • Organic/ Eco- friendly sprays & solutions that neither harms your interior nor your loved ones; not even your pets.
  • Well trained & certified professionals are sent to perform the job
  • We are equipped with the latest technology.
  • We cross check our technicians backgrounds for your safety purposes
  • Cost effective wasp control services
  • Emergency wasp extermination to our customers
  • Prompt & trustworthy services are provided for your betterment.


1 –    Do you guarantee that the wasp will not return after your treatment?

We provide the most effective wasp control in Melbourne and hence we guarantee that wasps won’t reappear after the procedure is completed.

2 –    Do I need to leave the house/ office/ building while the pest control is being performed?

No, there is no need to vacate the place; if required our team will inform you about it prior to the treatment.

3 –    How much time does the wasp removal process take?

Wasp extermination hardly takes 2-3 hours depending upon the extent of infestation & number of affected areas.

4 –    Do you provide services on weekends?

Yes, Macro Pest Control available on weekends & public holidays as well

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