Borer Control Melbourne

Borer Control Melbourne

Is the furniture in your office or home getting damaged from inside? It can be due to some little insects thriving in the timber. These insects are known as borers because they bore inside the wood. The holes created in the furniture are due to these mischievous insects. If you have started noticing the dust coming out from these holes, then it’s high time to consider the borer control Melbourne treatment to prevent absolute collapsing of the furniture. Macro Pest Control provides the most efficient pest control service at affordable rates.

Importance of Borer Control Treatment

Borers may look tiny, but can cause destruction at massive scale. If most of the furniture at your home is made up of hardwood, sapwood or timber, then you must be careful from these insects. They make holes inside the wood and lay their eggs. Their multiplication and growth is harmful for the timber roofing, flooring and furnishings.

Not only the interiors, but the gardens can also be impacted by these borers as they can make their home in the trees and branches. They have been culprits of affecting the agriculture on a wide scale. Aren’t the borers harmful? So, don’t let them spoil the expensive furniture. Contact Macro Pest Control soon after looking at the first signs of damage. Our borer control Melbourne team will reach at your place and treat these stubborn insects effectively.

How to Identify the Borer Invasion?

There are several ways to find that the borers are present or not in the house. You can hear a ticking sound made by borers at night. The sound is prominent at night because of silence and darkness. Second sign can be the piling up of the wood dust around the holes in the furniture. Third sign that indicate the presence of borers are the holes in the carpet. These are some major signs that are enough to determine the borer infestation. You can reach out to Macro Pest Control on presence of these signs.

Some other signs can also be discovered when the borers dwell in the furniture. Small larvae of this insect lead to fungal infection in the wood. Borers flourish well in moist conditions. If the timber does not get enough sunlight and remains in dampness, then the chances of borer infestation are very high.

Even after so many indicators, you need some more confirmation, look at the edges of the furniture, window board, wood ceilings, etc. The wood around the corners starts to crumble and shed in form of dust. Also, the furniture parts become fragile and start to break down easily. At this point of time, you must not delay in taking the borer control Melbourne service.

When the borers reach the maturity stage in their life cycle, they come out from the furniture towards sunlight. They can be easily seen on the windows. Apart from this, dead beetles and white larvae can be easily identified too. So, these were simple ways to check whether these little creatures are living in your home or not.

Borer Control Melbourne Methods Used By Professionals

Depending on the severity of the damage and location of the affected area, the pest control treatment is decided. Various methods employed by the team of Macro Pest Control are:

Treatment on Surface

When the development of borers has just started and is limited to the surface of the timber, this treatment is used.

Specific Spot Treatment

The furniture is dried completely in the sunlight. It is ensured that no moisture is left in the wood. After this, the spots that are affected by these insects are sealed with paints and sealants.

Freezing Furniture Treatment

To kill the borers and prevent their amplification, the furniture is wrapped and kept in freezing conditions for around two weeks. It is an effective method that the experts use to deal with the wood worms.

Chemical Treatment

A variety of insecticides can be used by the professionals to kill the borers. They penetrate deep inside the timber and significantly remove the borers from the holes.

Fumigation Pest Control Treatment

Pesticides in form of gas are used to kill the pests completely. When the infestation increases, this method can do wonders. The fumigants suffocate the insects and they are compelled to die with this Borer Control Melbourne treatment.

Advantages of Choosing Macro Pest Control

There are many reasons that make us different from others. The following are the pros of choosing us:

  • The prices of pest control treatments are affordable.
  • Our team consists of experienced borer control specialists.
  • Advanced equipment and tools are used to remove the borers. Even the chemicals are wood-friendly and eco-friendly.
  • Entire procedure is executed carefully.
  • Experts try to finish the work quickly.
  • Client satisfaction always comes for us. No disturbance or mess is created at your place. Everything is done in a smooth and hassle-free way.

Frequently Asked Questions at Macro Pest Control

Are your pest control products harmful for our health?

We use a number of pest control products to treat different types of insects. There is no need to worry about health because all the products are eco-friendly and their odour will reduce within some hours.

Should I leave the home when the borer control treatment is going on?

No, you don’t have to leave the house. But it is always recommended to maintain a gap from the treatment place so that you don’t have any type of allergic reaction.

Do you provide emergency service?

Yes. Sudden attacks from borers need instant action. If you feel that you need service in emergency, then we are ready to help.

Why should I hire a professional for borer control Melbourne?

The chemicals used to kill the pests can cause various problems if not handled properly. Without proper treatment, the chances of recurrence of infestation also increase. To prevent such scenarios, it is essential to get the pest control treatment done by the specialists.

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