Possum Removal Melbourne 

Possum Removal Melbourne 

Possums are those cute animals that look harmless, but unfortunately, it is not a fact. Possum causes havoc inside the house, and that’s why availing professional services for possum removal Melbourne is necessary. Don’t stress, just rely on the best services of Macro Pest Control Melbourne. We are the best pest control company in Australia. We follow all the necessary guidelines and rules for the disposal of possum. As soon as you witness the presence of possum on your premises, feel free in giving us a call on 0488883021!

Fun Facts about Possum

Possum feces are lethal and generate flesh-eating ulcers. Exposure to possum feces leads to long-term diseases and disability.

Killing possum in Australia is illegal. Rely on the professional services of Macro Pest Control Melbourne for proper possum disposal.

Possum may act dead or show their teeth by standing and displaying their defensive behavior.

These animals carry deadly germs and are harmful to humans.

What attracts possum?

Hollow trees: Possum’s favorite resting area is a hollow tree.

Eucalyptus leaves: Apart from eucalyptus leaves, possum loves passion fruit and roses as well.

Nighttime: Possum remains active throughout the night especially in the initial time. They search for food from the evening.

Nest Boxes: these rodents can live alternatively in the nest boxes around the house.

What keeps possum away?

Thorny plants: Possum remains away from plants with thorns and spikes.

Smelly plants: Plants like mints, geraniums, and daisies are disliked by a possum.

Light-up areas: Possum don’t roam around in a well-light area.

Types of Possum Commonly Spotted in Melbourne

1. Common Ringtail Possum

These possums are grey in color and have off-white patches under the stomach and eyes. The weight of ringtail possum remains around 500 to 1100 grams and is usually 30 to 35 cm long. Their tail has a white tip with immense strength and bare teeth are their best attributes.

2. Common Bush-tail Possum

The name of these possums is driven from their brush-like tails. These nocturnal pests are a native species of Australia. Usually, these possums have black, grey, or a combination of both colors. Bush-tail possum is commonly found in Australia and loves to feed on eucalyptus leaves.

Professional Services for Possum Removal Melbourne

Possums are protected species in Australia, but they bother residents every then and now. Mostly possum dies on their own by getting trapped in confined spaces, eating pest baits, or being attacked by other animals. The carcass of possum releases an unpleasant smell for over 60 days. In such cases, seek help from Macro Pest Control Melbourne.  Our customer support services remain available 365 days a year. Feel free in contacting us by dialing 0488883021.

Places Covered by Macro Pest Control Melbourne

We have a team of experienced and skilled professionals at Macro Pest Control Melbourne. And, we provide services to places like:

Government places




Commercial places

Residential areas



Possum infestation and the Signs to Understand

As possum loves eating eucalyptus leaves, they roam around in the garden and destroy plants. When you notice plant destruction, take it as a sign of possum infestation and seek services for possum removal Melbourne.

Notice if you can hear screeching sounds during evening hours. Possum communicates in such a way, so it is easier to detect.

Possum release unpleasant smell that is another indication of their presence. Also, they leave claw marks wherever they roam.

Search during night time with a torchlight, the eyes of possum reflect at night. Additionally, bite marks on vegetables are another sign of possum. Feel free in contacting Macro Pest Control Melbourne for immediate help.

Measures to Follow After Spotting Possum Infestation

Identify the entrance points of the possum and block them.

Possum release a certain smell that helps in marking their territory. If you smell an odor inside your house, disinfect the area and sanitize it.

Try to trap the possum in wooden boxes after hanging it on the hollow trees.

Light up your backyard or any other place where you have noticed possums

For blocking possum from living in your house or trees, repair any kind of hole during the evening, while they are away in the food search.

Services Provided by Macro Pest Control Melbourne

Locating dead possum in unreachable corners like a chimney

Identifying other pests infestation like rats and cockroaches

Removal of trapped or dead possum from different corners of the house

Sealing all the entrance sources for possum and other rodents

Adopting an eco-friendly process for possum removal and disposal

Same-Day Possum Removal Melbourne

We, the team of Macro Pest Control Melbourne provide outstanding services of possum removal all across Melbourne. Our licensed, skilled and experienced professionals are always available for your rescue.

We use advanced tools and effective methods for locating, removing and disposing of possum from commercial and residential premises. Our team understands the discomfort possum causes to the house, therefore you can rely on us. Talk with our expert for suggestions and booking of services. Give us a call at 0488883021!

Why hire Macro Pest Control Melbourne?

Get quick same-day and emergency services

Years of experience in possum removal Melbourne

Use of modern tools and effective methods

Highly qualified and licensed professionals

Use of safe chemicals

Guaranteed customer satisfaction

Affordable services all across Melbourne

Frequently Asked Questions at Macro Pest Control Melbourne

1. How do I remove a dead possum from the roof?

You should seek professional help from Macro Pest Control Melbourne for removing dead possum. Our experts safely remove and dispose of dead possum from your roof.

2. How to deal with alive possum roaming on my roof?

Cut the tree branches or any other sources of climbing the rooftop, so possums don’t reach and roam around.

3. Can possum damage my roof?

Yes, the urine of possum leaves ugly yellow stains on the ceiling that releases a foul smell. They may dig holes in your ceiling as well.

4. Does Macro Pest Control Melbourne kill possum?

No. Possum killing is illegal in Australia. Hence, we don’t kill but dispose of them off to a safe place.

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