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Are you desperately looking for a permanent solution to your pest infestation problem? Relax Macro Pest Control delivers all round residential pests control in Melbourne and other cities. We take pleasure in being able to help you get rid of pests’ infestations in residential spaces with our unique tailor- made strategies.

There are many companies in the market serving pest control but they hardly substantiate their claims when it comes to residential pest control. Melbourne’s most cost effective & dependable pest control solutions are provided by Macro Pest Control.

Why do you need residential pest control?

Melbourne is considered as one of the most livable & upbeat cities. But with annoying pests around that becomes almost impossible. Pests like cockroaches, ants, bed bugs only cause nuisance in the household resulting in an unpleasant & unhygienic atmosphere. Even a single insect can attract millions and create havoc; thus making residential pest control in Melbourne a necessity.

  • Pests in home & other residential spaces engender multiple threats to humankind like:
  • Health risks
  • Messy, dirty & untidy household
  • Spread of unpleasant Odor
  • Unsafe environment for kids & pets
  • Damage to valuables & upholstery

Hiring professionals for residential pest control, Melbourne

  • Pest infestation is a major problem and should be treated rapidly before they start causing damage to life & property. Hiring professionals like Macro Pest Control can be advantageous because:
  • They carry apt tools, equipment & resilient chemical solutions to treat the affected area.
  • They know pests better and treat infested spaces with the best suitable plan.
  • They are trained to do the job.
  • They can guide home & office owners on pre & post treatment essentials
  • They can perform the task efficiently without causing any chaos
  • They serve as per our convenience, helping us save our time, money & energy.

Residential pest control Melbourne Process

The process of pest control at home is tricky and should be executed regularly for better results.

Inspection– the technicians will inspect the affected area properly to determine the tools & sprays to be used in the process. They also find out possible entrances for pests.

Preparation- Now the team will prepare solutions and instruct the residents. In extreme cases the house or building is vacated before the process for better results.

Extermination- Now the infested space is sprayed with solutions to eradicate termites, ants, cockroaches or any other existing pests.

Prevention- The area is then cleaned and cracks in them are sealed by our experts. AT this stage resilient anti-pest sprays are applied on entry spots and affected areas to prevent pests from reappearing.

Guidance- once the process is done the Macro Pest Control’s team properly guides the residents on how they can prevent pests from entering their homes.

Follow up- Our team also visits for a follow up to ensure that no more pests infestations take place.

Macro Pest Control’s clientele

Guard your residential premises with our effective & prompt pest control treatment. We serve as per HACCP & AQIS guidelines regarding pest control & sanitation. Apart from serving commercial offices we also deliver our services to residential clients like:

  • Hostels
  • Flats
  • Row houses
  • Farmhouses
  • Bungalows
  • Housing societies
  • Foster care/ orphanages

Our comprehensive services include:

We understand that pest infestation is annoying and causes egregious effects on your lifestyle; hence we strive to deliver the best residential pest control in Melbourne. Our service range includes:

  • Termite control
  • Wasp control
  • Rodent control
  • Cockroach, lizards, ant & spider control (pest control)
  • Bed bugs control
  • Pet ticks’ control
  • Mosquitoes & house flies control
  • Bird netting etc

Tips to control/prevent pest infestation in residential spaces:

Even though pest control is a beneficial solution, there are certain tips to consider in order to prevent pest outbreak in your home.

  • Availing residential pest control in Melbourne from time to time.
  • Do not leave food particles & food spills unattended. This can attract pests.
  • DO not leave overfilled & uncovered trash cans outside your homes.
  • Check if the sanitation facilities in your residence are in intact & healthy condition
  • Get professional help without ado if you notice even slightest pests’ existence in your homes, instead of trying home remedies on them.
  • Regular cleaning & dusting is important to avert pests.

We aim to provide you a hygienic & safe home with our consistent pest control treatment. Pests don’t stand a chance with us alongside. Get in touch with us for finest residential pest control services in Melbourne. Call us at 0370317506.

Why pick Macro Pest Control?

We have been delivery the best pest control services in Melbourne, we offer:

Trained & certified professionals- Our expert technicians are trained & holed certifications to execute pest control. Their backgrounds are double crossed checked before employing them for the job.

Quality tools & organic pesticides– We use industry safe & latest tools in the process. Also the pesticides used are completely non-toxic & eco-friendly, hence they do not cause any harm to anyone in contact.

Emergency services- Macro Pest Control provides prompt services to our clients. We are well known for excellent emergency & same day pest control services. We are available on weekends & public holidays as well.

Customized solutions- We understand that every home is unique and so we customize solutions best suitable for the situation. Customer’s needs are taken into consideration before deciding the plan of action.

Pocket-Friendly rates- Residential pest control in Melbourne at our rates is the best deal you will make to keep your household hygienic & safe. We don’t impose hidden charges and decide the cost of pest control mutually.


When is the best time to avail pest control for termites?

Termites can cause major damage to your wooden upholstery. They are tiny creatures causing major problems and should be eradicated immediately. Avail our termite control treatment as soon as possible to get rid of termites & other pests in your home

Will residential pest control in Melbourne affect my furniture?

No, our trained technicians use organic solution sprays that neither stain nor damage your furniture in any way.

Will pest control be harmful to my pets?

Not at all, our services are effective and we use different pesticides for our residential pest control which are safe for pets, children & senior citizens.

Does weather affect pest control treatment?

Not at all, most of the affected areas are undercover and in case of outdoor pest treatment we let the solution dry & absorb properly. Our services last up to 6 months.

Our property is very small; can we still opt for pest control services?

Absolutely! No client is big or small for Macro Pest Control.

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