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Rodent Control

Rodents are an annoying domestic pest that has till date afflicted many houses, apartments, offices, industrial buildings in Melbourne. These establishments provide rodents with food, water and shelter – just what necessities are required for these pests to thrive. For this reason, rats and mice can be found in and around every locality and habitat which has a human dwelling.  These rodents pose danger to human health, their economic, mental, and physical safety and comfort. It is worse for expecting mothers as they are likely to experience miscarriages, stillbirths, and other health complications in the fetus. The mouse plague that ate into Australia’s financial wellbeing in 1993 is surely fresh in the minds of all Australians. The damage that was incurred was well in the $96 million bracket. In 2010, another mouse plague damaged three million hectares worth of crops in various parts of Australia. Needless to say, even after a decade, rodents and rats have been wrecking countless homeowners in and around Melbourne and Australia. Call Macro Pest Control today for pest control rodent treatment and commercial rodent control for rescuing your Melbourne property today. We provide rodent pest control for the elimination of brown rats, house mouse and garden rodents from properties in Melbourne. We also provide dead rodent removal facilities to our clients. You can give us a call on 0370317506 to reach out to our rodent control team or fill up your details in the service enquiry form available on our website. You will get a callback and immediate assistance.

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Keeping Rodents Away From Your Home

The most appropriate and easiest way to control the rodent population is by making sure they do not infest your premises in the first place!

Since rats like to inhabit and scurry about in the garden, the first line of defence should be to keep the vegetation in the areas of garden from growing higher. Also it is necessary to discard all the shrub and bush cuttings anywhere from your property. That makes it difficult for rodents to make an entry into your premises.

Check and seal the edges of your entire property once a year to safeguard the property from developing holes and burrows. Shutting all those possible points of entry is necessary for rodent control. Keep an eye out on the cables, electric wiring, mesh, plumbing, doors, and windows. Close all these entry points with fencing or wire mesh.

If there are any leaks in the pipelines or elsewhere in the house, which will make rodents thrive. Make sure to fix all such leakages which can make survival for the easier.

Alternatively, you can keep traps and baits for catching mice. Keeping food laced with peanut butter or pieces of cheese can attract the mice into the traps. It is necessary to dispose of these traps at a location far away from your property.

Finally, if none of these techniques help in rodent treatment Melbourne, then it is better to hire assistance of the professional rodent control team. Macro Pest Control offers one of the best alternatives for rodent pest control delivered by their licensed and certified pest control team.

Pass on the trouble of devoting your valuable time and strength in pest control rodent treatment and let the professionals take over! Call us today for an appointment and a express booking for your pest and rodent control near me google search.

Why Choose Us?

We at Macro Pest Control have been providing rodent pest control, dead rodent removal, rodent treatment Melbourne, pest control rodent treatment, and commercial rodent control to residents of Melbourne for decades. Our rodent control specialists follow the high levels of hygiene in all their pest control projects. Read on to know why we have been the solution to the pest and rodent control near me query from so many years!

  • Macro Pest Control technicians and pest control workmen provide a quick response to you for your rodent treatment Melbourne. So, once you have contacted us our rodent control team reaches your doorstep immediately.
  • We have been a leading name for pest control rodent treatment and commercial rodent control across Australia and Melbourne.
  • We have all licenses and certifications required for being a legal pest control service provider.
  • Our rodent pest control services are delivered without intruding on your privacy.
  • High-precision equipment and electronic devices are used for pest control rodent treatment and commercial rodent control in Australia.

For pest control and rodent control operations, only non-toxic and sustainable cleaning products are used by our rodent control team.


Would you remove dead rats from my house?

Yes, certainly. Along with dead rodent removal, we also provide sanitization of the site from where the pest was removed. That eliminates chances of spread of germs and diseases. For immediate dead rodent removal contact Macro Pest Control.

What type of rats are commonly found in Australia?

The brown rat and the black rat are commonly found species of rats all over Australia.

Do dead rats give out a bad smell?

Yes, dead rats reek very nasty. Hence their immediate removal at the hands of rodent pest control specialists is essential for the wellbeing of your family members.

What are the best baits for mice and rats?

Peanut butter is considered to be the best baits for rodents. However, the proportions to be used should be decided only after consulting a professional rodent pest control company.

Does Macro Pest Control Provide Rodent Control Service?

Yes, we provide rodent control services to our clients at affordable costs. Our pest control rodent treatment team eliminates the menacing rodents very effortlessly and rapidly. The rodents are harmful and need to be removed at the earliest. So, hire our rodent pest control team and make your house free from rodent activities at once.

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